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Lady Pill Reminder

Developer: Ben Basha

Lady Pill Reminder it's an easy reminder that will help you to follow after your taking of your birth control pills. All you need to do is to fill up you pack type and the time you usually take your contraceptive pill and the app will inform you at this time. Very simple to use!Main features:-Remind you in the time you choose to take your contraceptive pill.-Mark your pills inside Lady Pill Reminder and prevent from forgetfulness.-Lady Pill Reminder will stay at the notification until you mark the current pill.-Start a new pack in a click.-More information will show you the pills number, date, taking time and average taking time.-You can choose between 8 different pack types - doesn't matter what kind of birth control pill you use.-Change notification text if you want to hide that this is a pill.-Add a note to every pill and track your period easily!-Override timezone changes-Lady Pill Reminder will display your current contraception pack status, that will give you the option to use it as period tracker as well.-Track and keep your health in good condition
No need for extra alarm clocks or reminders. everything is here! Lady Pill Reminder!
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